December 18, 2018

Professional Webmaster Services

Owning and running a website is fun but having it run smoothly and do what its supposed to be can be a challenge. Be it simple personal website, blog, e-commerce shopping cart website they all need attention and proper care, because web technologies have been around for a while but they are not perfect, server updates, software updates on the server, poorly written or old code cause all kinds of problems and a website that was working perfectly yesterday stops working today turning away visitors, potential customers and halting any hope of income, especially if your main source of revenue is your website. Having been around Internet & computers for a long time I’am well aware of this problems and have decided to bring to you my years of experience and know how in web technologies, e-commerce and Online business in general .

Over the years I have assisted with countless websites, resolving issues with PHP & MySQL scripts, HTML, CSS problems, including business company websites, e-commerce shopping cart systems (Oscommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart and the rest of them out there ), Niche Affiliate Websites, Developed CMS / Blog / e-commerce websites ( WordPress, Drupal, PHP-Nuke, cakephp). There are many income opportunities today to make money online, Affiliate programs, Google AdSense, Amazon Associate Program, EBay Partner Network, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Sharsales and many others will pay you to send them visitors, They will pay you Per Lead, Per Action, Recurring bases depending on program details, but all of them will help monetize your website. If you have a website and not making any or very little money please do consider my services,

I can help you Monetize your website using the best available revenue options today. SEO being very important for any website my work is always takes into consideration search engines crawlers and how they look at the websites, I make sure any page that I work on has proper meta keywords, titles, and description and give instructions on optimizing the site content to get best search engine exposure possible. I have prepared this OFFER for all of you out there who needs some help running their online business and concentrate on things that make money not worry about how and why their website is not working.

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I will not limit the type of work I will do. I only ask that you contact me with details so I can tell you if I can accomplish your project within one hour or not. If your project is bit more then what this listing is offering I will be glad to give you detailed report and quote on what needs to be done, how long it will take and what the cost will be, and if you like what I have to offer we will discuss the details I will get your project done. While I’am working on your project I’ll be communicating with you proving you with details on my progress and get your feedback on the work completed so far.

So don’t wait please call me and let me help you bring your website to 21st century. Additional time may be purchased at any time at very reasonable rates. My goal is to meet every clients expectations and to make sure every one is satisfied please contact me with your project details and questions