January 18, 2019


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                Nicholos Kok asked How do i import all of my posts and comments from wordpress to blogger?

                I know there's suppose to be a import tool on blogger but it isn't there. If the tool was from blogger to blogger then that's fine too..

                And got the following answer:

                Why would you want to move from WordPress to Blogger?!? WordPress does everything Blogger does and more.

                Gono asked How can I import my posts from Blogger to Wordpress?

                I have a blog in Blogger and I tried to import my contento to Wordpress, but it does not load embed content as YouTube videos. How can I do this?

                And got the following answer:

                I did this with my blog a few months ago. I used the standard import inside Wordpress. It does have a problem with the embedded video. I didn't have too many of them, so I re-inserted them, but it could pose a problem if you have a lot. I found it easier to embed video if I turn off the WYSIWYG editor and just add/edit the html code. You might try turning off the WYSIWYG editor, deleting the posts, and then re-importing from Blogger. Good Luck.

                NICK A asked Can i use a barcode scanner to import products quickly onto my wordpress shop?

                i was just wondering if a barcode scanning plugin exists to import products quickly onto my wordpress e commerce website?

                And got the following answer:

                A barcode scanner is strictly a keyboard input device, it doesn't return any information except the barcode itself. You would have to populate the rest of the information into the database manuall.

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